This is an online farmers market. Each weekend, place your order online. Then pick-up your order on Tuesday’s between 4pm and 8pm. This online market is sponsored by Gracious Granny, LLC, 140 Nunnally Road NE, Winder, GA 30680. Please see map below for directions to our farm.

The goal in opening this market is to provide clean, nutrient-dense foods to the local community. The market also provides a list of service providers who may offer hard-to-find help, around your home and farm. In addition, we provide a list of educators and speakers who are well-versed in many different areas of farming and homesteading.

Our growers are all dedicated to providing food that is free from gmo’s, and as nutrient dense as possible. You may speak to the growers about your order by contacting the grower by email or phone (See the “Our Growers” section). Some may be certified organic, others may not be. If the item is not 100% free of synthetic chemicals, it will be stated in the description of the item. Each grower may describe his or her own thoughts in regard to environmental and health issues and will provide certifications in the “Our Growers” section.

The goal is to provide those in the Winder, Arcade, Statham, and the surrounding areas with the healthiest products, available locally. Our hopes is that others will duplicate this market across the country, in an attempt to bring the family farms back to life!

As we add to our list of fresh, nutrient-dense food, we get a little closer to one-stop shopping. Please tell others about the market. We need growers, and we need shoppers. We need to grow this market and others like it.